Academic Genealogy for Ian Goldberg

One's academic genealogy is the chart obtained by listing oneself, one's Ph.D. advisor, one's advisor's advisor, and so on. Some people have multiple advisors, so this chart is generally not a simple list, but usually has branches.

The Mathematics Genealogy Project maintains a database of people with Ph.D.s in mathematics and related fields (including Computer Science), noting their advisor(s), thesis title, their advisees, and where and when they got their Ph.D. Using this information, one can easily trace one's genealogy, often back to the 1200's.

Here's mine, using the information in the database on 2024-03-17.

Ian Goldberg,
PGP fingerprint: 4096R/505DA62B A792 EF32 7B5B DDF9 3FAC 7E6F 4675 64B7 505D A62B

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