Ian's Zaurus hacking page

I recently got myself a Sharp Zaurus. Here are some things I've done with/for it.

Socket Low-Power CF WLAN support

Last update: 20020629

See the page on Getting your Socket Low-Power CF WLAN card to work with your Sharp Zaurus.

QCopilot v0.5

Last update: 20020623

This is a Palm Pilot emulator for the Zaurus. As the README below explains, it's an emulator for the older Dragonball hardware. Maybe sometime later I'll be able to make it work with ROMs for the new hardware, as well. If you install from the ipk file into system RAM, you shouldn't need to move any files around. If you install into CF or SD, you may have to make a symlink from /home/root/.qcopilot to the right place.

ROMburst for Zaurus ROM images

Last update: 20020619

The format of the 16MB flash ROM images is documented at http://www.btinternet.com/~p.flinders/sl-5000d/romimage-layout.html. I wrote a little program to tease apart the pieces of the ROM image for separate inspection. Here's the source.

Ian Goldberg <ian@cypherpunks.ca>